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A Workout for 2020: Strengthening Your Core


Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC

In 2020, are  you planning to go to the gym, find a personal trainer, or workout at home? We all know we need physical exercise, but it’s even more important  to keep fit mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. (When we have a healthy inner core, we’ll actually be more likely to take care of our physical core!) Rebuilding includes five core areas: identity, purpose, safety, competence, and belonging.

Jesus told us we’d experience tribulation [otherwise referred to as trauma, suffering, distress, pain, or hardship]. Sometimes people tell me they’re afraid to admit they’re trauma survivors, fearing others will judge them as defective, weak, or misfits. If we stop and think about it, haven’t all of us suffered somehow? It could be the loss of a dear friend or family member, the devastation of divorce, the rebellion of a child, the aftermath of a hurricane, relentless illness, the fear of a terror attack, or even failing at work or school.

Instead of looking at Core Healing as a workbook for people with problems, why not look at it as simply a workbook for people? Because everyone (ALL of us!) has experienced trauma sometime, somewhere, somehow.

Jesus offers courage to face suffering in His strength and peace. That’s where Core Healing from Trauma can help. This Bible-infused workbook provides practical tools to help each of us face our unique challenges, moving forward into the new year with new strength. Each chapter is divided into five days, each offering a 15-20 minute “workout” to help you experience increasing strength and growth.

This internal exercise plan can help you learn how to thrive, living as “more than a conqueror” (see Romans 8:31-39). Not only will you be gaining new information, you’ll be learning how to apply it so you can experience authentic, joyful Christian living.

Happy New Year!

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