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Archive for March 2020

From Russia, with HOPE

From Russia, with Hope Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC Today’s guest writer is Andre Furmanov, a Russian pastor who became a Christian in 1987, while studying English philology and translation at Leningrad State University. Now serving as lead pastor of Vyborg Christian Church in Russia, Andre focuses on making disciples, missions and family discipleship. With their…

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Do Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures?

Do Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures? Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC Being quarantined drives many to a sense of desperation or fear. Instead, let’s consider the global pandemic with new perspective. If we allow COVID-19 to minimize our lives, it will. But we don’t need to give it that kind of power. We can discover…

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A Mountie, an Architect and Cambodian Trauma Survivors

A Mountie, an Architect, and Cambodian Trauma Survivors Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC Our guest blogger this week is Scott Stober, an architect who has designed housing, banks, schools, colleges, and churches for 30 years. Now retired from his architecture firm, he continues allowing God’s creativity to motivate him to help people in his own community…

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