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Archive for July 2022

How Forgiveness Helps Us Enjoy Life

How Forgiveness Helps Us Enjoy Life Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC All of us experience situations, people, or events that fuel emotional pain. Forgiveness helps us release that pain to move forward into new opportunities. Traumatic memories—from hurts and rejection to relationship wounds—are stored in the brain’s amygdalae and can be repeatedly reactivated by any of…

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Restoration or Renovation?

Restoration or Renovation? Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC   I’ve had this desk since I was in second grade. Initially, I tried to hide my disappointment when my parents  presented me with this wooden desk instead of the cardboard child’s desk I’d requested. Unlike my friend’s disposable desk, my oak counterpart has survived decades, first providing…

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